New Protein Products at ETF!
Elite Total Fitness

New Protein Products at ETF!

We've got a lot of new products to choose from at Elite Total Fitness!  Along with our normal energy drinks, try an Epic and Papa Steve's protein bar.  While you're at it, the Slate drinks are also AMAZING!


We are also excited to introduce our newest amenity at the gym - the Elite Total Fitness Delivery Service!

Do you have an early or late workout regimen and would like to get beverages or protein bars during unstaffed hours?
Simply call or email the gym by 7pm Monday – Friday, or 1pm on Saturdays, and we will deliver your goods to a sanitized locker and email you the locker number with the combination. If you don't have a credit card already established on your ETF account, we can manually run any credit card over the phone for you. You will have 2 calendar days to claim your merchandise from the locker. You can even purchase a hat, shirt, water bottle or hoodie as well!
Phone: (308) 633-1383


See you at the gym!!